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Want to see all of the prayer card choices? Many of these cards are in stock and ready for your message: Prayer Cards for Custom Imprinting

Choose the following link to see all of the 2015 All Souls Day and Christmas envelope and stationery choices. (This is a large .pdf file, you will need to note the products you are interested in and use the comments section below to enter the information for the order.) All Souls Day and Christmas Offering Envelopes and Supplies

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Church Supply USA has the following current price lists available:

Shipping is free for all products. Churches will be invoiced. Total price will be confirmed.

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Wine (cases of 12 bottles, 750ml each) - $58.99/case

Case Quantity to Ship: 

Small Hosts

Quantity Needed: 

Medium Hosts

Quantity Needed: 

Large Hosts

Quantity Needed: 


Quantity Needed: 

2017 Annual Resources - Please Enter the Quantity Needed

Name of Resource Book Quan
2017 Ordo - $16.75
2017 Liturgical Desk Calendar - $14.90
2017 Mass Record Book - $32.45
2017 Workbook for Lectors, Gospel Readers, etc. - $10.10
2017 Manual para Proclamadores de la Palabra - $10.10
2017 At Home with the Word - $6.90
2017 Palabra de Dios - $6.90
2017 Sourcebook for Sundays, Seasons, and Weekdays - $13.60
2017 Liturgical and Daily Mass Reading Reference - $2.60
2016-17 Sunday Prayer for Catechists - $1.75
2017 Poster Size Circular Liturgical Calendar - $13.60
2017 Placemat Size Circular Liturgical Calendar- $0.60
2017 Placemat Size Spanish Circular Liturgical Calendar - $0.60
2017 Manual for the Sick and Homebound - $7.00
2017 Handbook for Proclaimers of the Word - $10.85
2017 Liturgy of the Hours Guide - $2.10
2017 Christian Prayer Guide - $2.10

All Souls Day Envelopes $6.95/100, $6.75/100 for 500 or more - Please Enter Quantity

Envelope Description Quan
#7188 - Blue Design
#9318 - Purple, English
#9321 - Purple, Bilingual

2017 Missals - Please order a minimum of 10 assorted for free shipping.

Type of Missal and Price Quan
2017 English Sunday Missal by Catholic Book Publishing -$2.60 each
2017 Spanish Missal by Buena Prensa - $4.75 each

Advent Candles - Set of 3 Purple and 1 Pink Candle

Quantity Needed: 

Candle Followers - Brass Tops for Candles to Extend Wax Life (4 needed for Advent Candles)

Size of Follower and Price Quan
1.5 Inch Follower - $24.95
3 Inch Follower - $135.00


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Driving Directions to our retail store, Miracle on Main Street - This is the retail outlet where all Catholic items can be found.

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HRM - Christmas Offering Envelopes and Stationery