Our Information:

Church Supply USA
(209) 462-4088

Mailing Address:
Church Supply USA
P.O. Box 1767
Lincoln, CA 95648

Shipping Address
Church Supply USA
200 Gateway Drive #1767
Lincoln, CA 95648

E-Mail Address:
e-mail address is not case sensitive

How to Contact Us:

We highly recommend contacting us by e-mail. It may be a little slower than a phone call. However, the answers we give you will
be more complete and accurate. It also gives us a place of reference if there are any problems.

We recommend a fresh e-mail when there is a new topic. Shorter e-mail chains on a single topic are easier to understand even
if there are separate e-mails.

How to Order:

There are three ways to order:
# 1. Order from your church home page:

  • Go to ChurchSupplyUSA.com.
  • Click on [Find Your Church].
          All Catholic churches in California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington are listed in alphabetical order by state, city, and church name.
  • Click on your church.
          Note: An easy way to find your church is to use the find function in your browser [Ctrl-F] and type in your city's name.
          Then, look for your church next to the city.
          If you know your account number, use [Ctrl-F] and enter your account number.
          The items that your church uses and seasonal items are available.
  • Enter the item number and quantity in the order on the lower part of the web page.
  • # 2. Order from the Quick Order Screen.

  • Go to ChurchSupplyUSA.com.
  • Click on [Quick Order].
  • Choose the category that you want to order.
  • Click on the item and complete the form.
  • #3. Use e-mail to order.

  • Type the item number and quantity.
          Type the page number, item, and quanitity if the item is in our catalog.
  • Describe what you're trying to find and let us help you.