Stockton Notary Public

If you are looking for a notary public in Stockton, California, you have come to the right web site. We have been notary publics for over 30 years but still have the lowest prices in town. You can find us six days a week, Monday through Saturday, at our religious goods store, Miracle on Main Street.

    Miracle on Main Street
    1718 E. Main Street
    Stockton, CA 95205
    (209) 462-4088

Driving Directions to Miracle on Main Street

    Monday through Friday - 9:00am to 6:00pm
    Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm

    $12.00 for first signature
    $5.00 for each additional signature

For example, one document with one signature is $12. One document with two signatures is $17. Two documents signed by one person is also $17. Three documents signed by two people is six signatures = $37. You're welcome to call for an exact price for your circumstances.

What to bring:

What type of identification is acceptable? State law is very specific.

What is a notary public?
    A notary public is essentially a disinterested third party paid witness.

What will happen when you appear before the notary?

  1. The notary will determine that the signer is capable of signing - no mental impairments.
  2. The notary public will examine the entire document to make sure that it is substantially complete. You will be asked to complete any documents with blank space. The notary cannot legally complete an entire form. The notary can only complete obvious blanks, such as the document date.
  3. The notary will record a description of the document into the notary journal or electronic record book.
  4. The notary will record the identification information of each of the document signers.
  5. Depending on the type of document, the notary may ask you to swear to the truthfulness of the contents.
  6. The notary will have you sign the document and the notary's records. It is best to sign each document with the same signature.
  7. The notary may take a thumbprint and/or other identification, such as taking a picture of the signer.
  8. The notary will complete the notary section of the document, sign the document, and apply the notary stamp.

Where do I get blank forms?
    Because of liability issues, notaries do not carry blank forms. You can pick up common blank forms such as quitclaim deeds, grant deed forms, and Powers of Attorney from most office supply stores such as Staples, Office Depot, or Office Max. These usually have complete instructions for completing the form. If you are in doubt about which legal forms to use or how to complete them, you should contact an attorney. A good on-line source for free forms is the Sacramento County Public Law Library. This source also has links to other form providers.

Can wills be notarized?
    Wills are a very special type of document and can actually be invalidated (voided) if notarized. Generally, the rule of thumb is that you only notarize wills if an attorney has told you to do so or if you have purchased a preprinted form and the instructions tell you to do so.

Someone has promised to pay me some money. Can the promissory note be notarized to make it legal?
    Yes and no. First, the fact that you have an agreement to pay, even orally, may be a completely legal binding agreement. However, there are many laws regarding contracts that an attorney should be used if the dollar amount is high. A notary can witness the signing of the document. The important signer will be the person who has promised to pay the money. In this case, the notary is stating the the signer signed in front of the notary. The advantage of this is that the signer cannot later claim that he did not sign.
    Getting paid is something entirely different. If the borrower does not have the money, the lender, regardless of whether a document was notarized or not, will not get money that doesn't exist. The notarized document says that the borrower will pay, not that he can pay. The notarized document will only help in court because the borrower will not likely be able to claim that they didn't sign the document.

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These notary forms are available for the notary to use on site:

Legal Disclosure: Nothing herein shall be construed as legal advice. If you need legal help, consult an attorney.