Notary Public Quiz

1. What is the basic function of a notary? 2. A notary is employed by a government agency. Which of the following is a true statement? 3. Which of the following is incorrect? 4. An employer pays all of the costs for a notary. The employer wants copies of all of the journal entries. 5. Which of the following require a thumbprint entry in the notary journal. 6. Which of the following are you allowed to do? 7. For the following types of documents, which fee per signature is not allowed? 8. Someone has asked for a copy of a journal record. They must do all of the following, except: 9. Which is the incorrect statement? 10. An acknowledgement was signed by the signer before appearing in front of the notary. 11. What characteristics should a notary seal have? 12. A notary was working for a business. The business paid for the notary's commission and all equipment. The notary is laid off due to lack of work. 13. When using the oath or affirmation of a single credible witness, which is true? 14. Which of the following does not require you to refuse the notary? A document is completed in a foreign language. The signer asked for a jurat to be included. 16. When is it inappropriate to use two credible witnesses for identification of a signer? 17. A signer has a valid ID but can sign only by an X. How many witnesses are required? 18. Your brother and sister-in-law ask you to notarize a letter giving their daughter permission to go a school field trip. 19. When completing the acknowledgment, the notary is always stating: 20. A proof of execution by a subscribing witness is allowed on which of the following documents? 21. A notary voluntarily resigns their commission. What is not required? 22. You must notify the Secretary of State by certified or registered mail when the journal is: 23. Two people, a mother and son, ask you to notarize a request for a copy of a birth certificate for the son. These requests are normally completed by the person requesting the birth certificate or a close relative. The form uses an acknowledgment. The document has already been signed by the son but he does not have a valid ID. What do you do? 24. You notarize a document but the seal is not clear. What can be done? 25. A notary receives a commission and orders the seal, journal, and bond. The oath of office is filed in the county. When can a new notary begin notarizing documents? 26. Which is not required when a jurat is completed by the notary? 27. A notary advertises that they are available for in-home signings 24 hours per day. The notary's phone rings at 2:00am by a caller who needs a document notarized immediately. The notary tells the caller to call back the next morning and refuses to do the notary at 2:00am. 28. A signer has identification but is able to sign only be mark. Who is required to sign the notary journal? 29. What is the best way to tell if a document is complete? 30. The notary signs an acknowledgement which is known to be false. Which of the following is not true.

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